About Me

My name is E.J. Yu and I am a tech enthusiast with a passion for content creation. There's honestly way too many things that I love to do, but nothing interests me more than making stuff on the computer. If it weren't for computers, I probably would have never been the person I am today. The digital world has allowed me to channel my inner creative—to make awe-inspiring content that I would have never been able to make otherwise. And for that, this said world will forever fascinate me.

I'd like to consider myself multi-talented. I have so many interests, and my knowledge in the things that interest me always work together—thus, naturally strengthening my ability to perform within each interest of mine. Below are some of those interests. Check it out!


I am a hobbyist photographer sporting a Panasonic Lumix GH5 for most of my photography work. I have a plethora of great portraits and scenery photos that I plan on showing here in the future.


I am a self-taught freelance filmmaker who specializes in camera operation, post-production, and stylized color grading. I am quite proficient with both Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Blackmagic Design's DaVinci Resolve. Locals know me as one of the head editors for one of San Diego's award-winning filmmaking groups, Patchwork Visions, as well as the head artist behind all of their artwork.


I am a student studying Computer Science at the University of California, San Diego guided by a dream of being able to work at Microsoft some day.

Building Websites

I'm very proficient in HTML and understand both CSS and JavaScript well enough to be able to confidently provide help for anyone who is interested in building a simple, modern, responsive HTML5 website.

Digital Artwork

I'm a hobbyist digital artist who occasionally draws—just for fun. Completely self-taught. What I draw outside of my formal graphics design work, however, is magnificently different to my usual, more presentable pieces of work in terms of the content that gets produced, so to speak; therefore, I may not be comfortable showing them on this website just yet. Contrariwise, if you watch my laptop reviews, then you may have already seen some of this art thereof without even realizing it. Consider them Easter Eggs! The programs I most frequently use are Adobe Photoshop CC and Autodesk SketchBook Pro, and I usually draw on a fifteen-inch Microsoft Surface Book 2.

Graphics Design

I design mobile application icons, tiles for the Start Menu in Windows 10, macOS icons, modern logos (for businesses and personal projects), YouTube channel art, website structures and artwork, typography, and much more.


I have an irrational love for laptops, and I hope that I'll get the opportunity to review many more some day for my tech channel—which already has a small number of product reviews for all kinds of premium laptops and tablets that I've been able to get my hands on over time.


If you find yourself perplexed as to which cup of coffee to get at Starbucks, consider me your man for this task.


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